Free Training worth £5000

It’s not often that you find something that is too good to be true, but this is. Microsoft are offering free Windows Presentation Foundation training by two of their leading proponents on the technology Jaime Rodriguez and Karl Shiftlett.

The agenda for training will be

Day One:

  • Lap Around WPF
  • WPF Tools ( Blend, Visual Studio 2008)
  • Graphics Subsystem
  • Layout
  • WPF Fundamentals and new concepts
    • Application Model
    • Dependency Properties
    • Trees (logical & visual)
    • Events
    • Threading
    • Resources
  • Controls
  • Styling
  • Templating
  • Q&A with instructors at end of day
  • Day Two:
    • WPF integration with Win32 and Windows Forms
    • Data binding
    • Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel
    • Commanding in M-V-VM
    • Views, Navigation and Transitions
    • Data Validation
    • Error handling, Model dialogs, Logging
    • Unit Testing
    • MVVM & LOB tips and tricks
    • Q&A with the instructors

I have signed up for this training, and think that it is a seriously good offer, that you won’t find anywhere, especially seeing as the training will be coming from the “horses mouth” so to speak!

One thought on “Free Training worth £5000

  1. Ira,

    Thank you for spreading the word! We are working hard to bring this training. This is a great time for those who have not seen WPF or are just getting going to attend.

    See you soon.



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