Free Dundas ASP.NET and Windows Forms Charting Components

Microsoft purchased Dundas last year. They have now provided the charting components free (hope gauges are in the pipeline), all re-named and re-branded, but I have used their former name, because they are known industry wide as components of an exceptionally high standard. These charting components are used in all manner of business applications, including accuracy and mission critical applications monitoring activity in nuclear power stations.


You can download the components from here. Make sure you read all the links, especially on deployment; If you build an application using the controls, your setup and deployment should add MSChart.exe installer as a pre-requisite.

It must be said that the install experience is fragmented, and  one has to add the charting component manually in the Visual Studio toolbox by browsing to the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualisation dll, even after installing the toolbox creator.

I would also highly recommend ensuring you download and run the Visual Studio samples, because it is a very rich resource for samples, features and demonstrations, and the best way to acclimatise oneself with the new library.

8 thoughts on “Free Dundas ASP.NET and Windows Forms Charting Components

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  2. How can I deploy my click-once-application with mschart.exe? The dialog for required components doesn’t offer MSChart – even if I installed MSChart plus the VisualStudio-AddIn 😦

  3. Hello jwezel,

    You need to open up your project and double click the properties node of the treeview in solution explorer in Visual Studio (or Express). Then select the publish tab on the left.

    Under the “install mode and settings” section, click the “application files” button.

    Change the publish status of the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll to “include” and click on OK.

    You will now find that when you deploy via click once the requisite dll is included.

    Any problems, just let me know.

    Thanks, Ira.

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