Disabling windows themes for controls

In this short example I demonstrated how you could improve the default theme of tree and listview controls to incorporate the Vista ‘look and feel’. It is also useful to disable this for example, you may want to remove the look of the month calendar (shown) or date timer picker controls. In Vista both controls are drawn with this styling.


In office type applications you might prefer a control that has the same theme as the rest of the application, for example, this is my outlook calendar.


In order to get the native calendar you need to follow the example but set the windows theme to empty strings (everything else is the same).


SetWindowTheme(monthCalendar1.Handle, string.Empty, string.Empty); 


SetWindowTheme(monthCalendar1.Handle, String.Empty, String.Empty)

You will now have the default control, that you can override and change.


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