WPF Composite Application Guidance

Glenn Block has announced that Composite Application Block (CAB) guidance has been released for Windows Presentation Foundation named Prism.

If you’re new to building software or are intermediate, one problem area you are likely to encounter is how to modularise your code. Most applications in general follow similar patterns, whether it be design or code. What CAB offers is a unified way of developing software so if you work on a project written several years before, it is very easy to learn, change, and maintain, because you understand the applications construction. Given the fact that the most expensive part of any software application is in the maintenance of the application, and change requests, there are profound benefits to building modularised applications. It is far easier, consequently cheaper to maintain and change. We all know how astronomicallly high how much software costs to develop.

A lot of the concepts are heavy going to begin with, but if you stick at it you will reap the rewards.

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