Moving over to ALT.NET

Kevin Moore has planted the seeds of doubt in me again. In this article he links to Joel Spolsky’s article Why I Hate Frameworks.

Obviously this is a very popular article, and is very humorous and perceptive. Some perceptions on software do indeed last a long time. I have just read through the white-paper for SCSF and that is pretty heavy going. The example in the white-paper is for a National Bank, with thousands of users and appears vastly over engineered for the purposes which I require. Joel’s article really does resonate once you get to about page 10 of the 50 or so pages.

What does a user for a small to medium sized application, that must perform well and adhere to best practices use? It appears as if there are solutions for the mega problems but non for the mini or micros ones. The .NET framework is increasing the ability for individuals for write far fuller applications, with fewer staff than ever before.

Due to my present and abject disgruntlement, I’ve decided to go ALT.NET, and see if that ‘bears any fruits’. This is something I’ve heard of for some time now, in fact, as bar back as this article. I really am getting rather fatigued at the present state of things and hope things like can help bring about the development ascension I yearn.

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